Technically refined, and inspired by nature: 1st light-curing composite from Creation!

Creation VC: A versatile composite system for unlimited aesthetic possibilities

Brilliant colours, natural light dynamic, and high processing and system quality. Creation VC is the first light-curing composite system by Creation Willi Geller. Just like all of the ceramic and prosthetic ranges of the Austrian dental technician, it is technically refined and inspired by nature. The new micro-hybrid composite not only has unmatched durability and mechanical stability, but also well-balanced opalescence and translucence. On the basis of hybrid MFR technology and the tried-and-tested colour coding concept, it offers orthodontists a unique, versatile, colourfast and sturdy composite system, with a total of 130 individual masses in a user-friendly packaging concept. The flow materials are a particular highlight, and can be processed almost like ceramic materials due to their excellent application and modelling properties, as well as the wide range of natural gingival shades, which make masterful dental artistry possible – for vivid and effective aesthetics in red and white!

With its veneering composite, Creation – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative ceramic systems and prosthetics ranges – strives to reflect the ever-growing need of orthodontists for versatile therapy concepts which involve more and more new materials. On the basis of a unique filler structure and the familiar colour and layer system used by ceramics specialists, natural analogue composite restoration with the tried-and-tested Creation brilliance is now possible.

Expressive and powerful micro-hybrid composite
For the highest degree of quality, functionality and naturalness, the development of Creation VC was influenced not only by the aesthetic expertise of Creation and the laboratory experience of opinion leaders such as Hans-Joachim Lotz and Robert Arvai, but also by the materials expertise of the company GC, which has been a market leader in the field of composites for decades. Thus, the modified hybrid MFR formula is responsible for a high level of sturdiness and wear resistance, as well as a smooth surface, whereas the special particle structure, with non-organic and prepolymerised filler materials ensure natural light diffusion and transparency.
With the extensive colour system, an individual supply of each tooth colour, or of a specific colour, can be produced. In addition to the colour-coded standard dentines, which are available as pastes and as a flow variant, various opaque coatings, opaque dentines and cutting, transparent, and transparent effect masses are available to the orthodontist. Due to the internal reflectivity, which precisely reproduces the opalescence and fluorescence, as well as the colour tone of the natural tooth, a natural analogue aesthetic can be achieved, even in very thin layers. The flow masses are particularly convincing due to a homogeneous distribution of nanoparticles in the plastics matrix, which itself has a very high level of wear resistance!
Thanks to the non-adhesive consistency and the balanced viscosity, the new composite material is ideal for modelling. It has outstanding polishability, for a long-lasting surface shine, and the lowest possible level of plaque adhesion. The strong adhesion of the fillers to the plastic matrix during and after polymerisation also ensures high physical properties.

Ingeniously simple and versatile: universal dyeing set
The fine-grained dyes and modifiers in the “two-in-one” kit allow individual colouring, for both the internal and external (transparent) characterisation of the layer structures. The high-quality Creation VC Make upmasses are also suitable for the palatal modification of Creopalprosthetic teeth and facets, for greater efficiency and versatility. The integrated nanofiller technology is responsible for ensuring optimum particle distribution, and therefore provides high resistance to abrasion, and protection against discolouration.
The composite system is completed with a wide range of light-curing gingival colours, which enable the orthodontist to make precise adjustments to the patient’s gingival tissue, be they implant superstructures, crowns, bridges, or partial dentures. In order to be able to reproduce all parts of the gum, Creation VC Gingiva masses are available in three viscosities (liquid, paste and gel), for exceptional opacity, easy processing and miscibility, and thin layers!
The modular Creation VC complete system offers the orthodontist a virtually unlimited number of colour and structural combinations, a wide spectrum of different consistencies and processing possibilities, and a customised portfolio of new technologies such as cuvette technology (pressing and injection methods), as well as compatibility with Creopal Shell. In short: Creation VC is more than just a veneer composite. It is a modern and safe aesthetic composition, which offers the user versatile solutions and gives him free rein!