Ästhetikpreis von Creation Willi Geller auf der IDS verliehen

Aesthetics Prize

Two outstanding prize winners, high quality standards and unique dental aesthetics: at this year’s International Dental Show (IDS) 2011, the “Creation Willi Geller Aesthetics Prize” was awarded on the occasion of “The Golden Parallelometer” competition. The prize is worth a total of 7500 euro and is awarded for outstanding dental technology skills and expertise in the area of aesthetics. The first prize (5000 euro and an Aqualine Professional mixing tray from Creation) was awarded to the Italian dental technician Alessandro Arnone from Milan for his brilliant ceramic work. The second prize and therefore 2500 euro plus an Aqualine Smart went to Park Chul Han from South Korea. At a ceremony held on 24th March at Creation’s IDS exhibition stand, the prizes were presented by master ceramist Willi Geller and the jury chairman ZTM (master dental technologist) Wolfgang Weisser.

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality dental ceramic systems, Creation wishes to send out a motivational signal for more individual quality and aesthetics in dental technology with its Aesthetics Prize, now being awarded for the second time. At the same time, the competition addresses young dental technicians in particular and provides encouragement for outstanding aesthetic achievement.

Tricky case from 13 to 23: metal next to all-ceramic!This time, any technicians wishing to put themselves forward for the second Aesthetics Prize, had to tackle an aesthetically very demanding and comprehensive task. The case tackled involved providing metal-ceramic restorations for teeth 11 to 13 and all-ceramic for teeth 21 to 23, as well as fabricating six veneers for teeth 33 to 43. The illustrious, six-man jury of master dental technologists (Wolfgang Weisser, Ralf Linde, Hans Peter Vögtle, Alexander Walz as well as Josef Sorg and Oliviero Turillazzi) inspected the work submitted one weekend prior to IDS. They first judged the planning and realisation of an ideal aesthetic treatment in the form of plastic models. However, the aesthetic transition from the metal to the all-ceramic restorations as well as the precise shaping and surface finishing played a major role in the jury’s judgment.

7500 euro for precision layering work from Italy and South KoreaWhile the winners of the first Aesthetics Prize in 2007 all came from German-speaking countries, Alessandro Arnone from Milan (1st prize) and Park Chul Han from South Korea (2nd prize) mean that two international dental technicians are the winners this year. Jury chairman Weisser comments on the selection of the two prize winners: “Aesthetic judgments are always very subjective and difficult. But what the young Alessandro Arnone delivered to us was found to be absolutely top class by the entire jury: six perfectly shaped upper anterior crowns and six mandibular veneers as well as a virtually invisible aesthetic transition between metal and all-ceramic, without any loss of brightness!”

What particularly impressed the jury about the work submitted by Park Chul Han was the natural, tooth-conforming ceramic build-up “à la Willi Geller”, showing how the South Korean had followed the philosophy of the master ceramist to great effect. Weisser concludes: “Both the prize winners are still young in years, but they are already top ceramists and they more than coped with the technically very demanding task!”