Three cheers for zirconium: more depth, more dynamics, more resilience!

Creation ZI-CT: high-fusing, leucite crystal zirconium veneering ceramic

Natural colour and light dynamics due to high feldspar content – high stability and durability thanks to crystallites that strengthen the microstructure: With Creation ZI-CT (Crystal Type) Creation Willi Geller is launching onto the market at IDS 2013 a new highly aesthetic and high-strength zirconium dioxide veneering ceramic. It is precisely matched to the CTE of all zirconium dioxide frameworks and structures – whether white, coloured or translucent. Its high potash feldspar content creates opalescent light refraction comparable to natural teeth and a brilliant colour effect; at the same time the micro-fine leucite crystal structure of the high-fusing ceramic improves its strength and ensures a resilient micro-structure.


After seven months and more than 1500 fabricated units, the beta-phase for Creation ZI-CT is completed – with impressive results from all the trial participants. Thus the ceramic specialist is launching onto the market at IDS 2013 an innovative leucite crystal feldspar ceramic for veneering zirconium dioxide frameworks, which has already been layered and tested by nearly 20 European dental technologists and oral designers ahead of the launch who found its aesthetic and material science aspects “very good”.


High-fusing, high aesthetics and high stability!

With the new veneering ceramic, Creation is again setting benchmarks in the aesthetic and functional area of zirconium use because Creation ZI-CT is the real deal. The pure potash feldspar it contains guarantees unrivalled iridescent light refraction and natural translucence, while the leucite crystals ensure a lifelike colour effect and light dynamics. However, its increased strength also attests to a material of the highest quality: thanks to the high firing temperature of 910°C, the perfectly matched CTE and the optimised crystalline leucite structure, excellent bond strength and a pore-free microstructure are guaranteed – for a homogeneous ceramic microstructure with high edge stability and resilience.Fascinatingly fluorescent: the special bonding agent Frame Shade NT ensures impressive bond strength without tensile stresses. It not only allows strong adhesion to the zirconium dioxide framework, but at the same time it increases the natural fluorescent effect from the depth of the eventual restoration. With the complementary Make up Neo stains and the In Nova Neo Modifiers from the “Two-in-One” shade system CreaColor, individual characterisation or expressive colour modifications can effortlessly be carried out. In the process, all the ceramic materials have the right level of fluorescence which, under extreme light conditions, produces a harmonious transition to the natural tooth.


Extremely high durability and low shrinkage

Based on more than ten years’ experience with zirconium at Creation, the high-fusing ceramic range Creation ZI-CT also impresses through its processing reliability and uncomplicated handling. For instance, the very low firing shrinkage, which is comparable to values for the proven metal-ceramic Creation CC, as well as the good carvability and stability of the materials, make it easier for dental technicians to do their work; this is because less shrinkage means fewer correction firings and shorter working time, hence more efficiency and reliability.Using the modular Creation ZI-CT, which can be perfectly complemented by the tried and tested Creation ZI-F materials, functionally reliable zirconium veneers with brilliant light reflection and dynamics can successfully be created. The new ceramic system is now available in a starter, shoulder, basic and bleach shades kit as well as kit 1 and 2 with the appropriate fluids.