IDS-Highlight Creation VC: A versatile composite system for unlimited aesthetic possibilities

Summit meeting of composite professionals

What is so special about the material composite? Which layering, processing and polishing tricks achieve aesthetic results even more simply? What are the advantages of the new Creation VC, the 1st light-curing composite from Creation? And how practical is the handling of the Flow and Paste dentines and how translucent resp. opaque are the results?

Seven accredited composite experts met in Weikersheim to answer those and other questions. Creation had invited the dental technicians to Hans Joachim (Jockel) Lotz’s laboratory for a two-day workshop.
“Ceramic and composite are not the same materials; they show very different photo-optical characteristics – OD43 in ceramic cannot be compared with OD43 in composite!“, the composite experts agreed upon. Robert Arvai especially commended the processing characteristics of Creation VC: “The highly filled nano-hybrid composite does not stick to the instrument, it can very well be modelled and can easily and fast be polished to high gloss.“
Whether opacity, fluorescence, polishing, primer or bonder: no topic was left out by the composite specialists. Jockel Lotz, Nena von Hajmasy, Uwe Gehringer, Elke Abel, Björn Pfeiffer, Nando Aeschlimann and Robert Arvai loyally and openly shared their experiences – in theory and practice. Together they developed new concepts, advanced indications and solutions.
The two days were characterised by a great deal of material know-how, aesthetic intuition and passion for the modern laboratory composites.
Thus, everybody in the “homogeneous- heterogeneous group” could see, discuss and try a lot.


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