IDS novelty at Creation: a new star is born! New Creation ceramic!

Just in time for the IDS, Creation Willi Geller presents CREATION LS

Refined and combined: new LS veneer and pressable ceramics for more brilliance and efficiency. Creation LS Press and LS by Creation Willi Geller – a perfect ceramics symbiosis.

More safety and strength, but also more colour brilliance and variety on and with lithium disilicate, because standard just isn't good enough for Creation! Just in time for IDS 2019, Creation Willi Geller has expanded its range to include a new pressable and veneer ceramic which enables dental technicians to create an outstanding appearance and durability, either individually or as part of a combination. Highly aesthetically pleasing and stable ceramic restorations can be created with the Creation LS Press castings and the Creation LS veneer ceramic, which is perfectly customised for the light dynamics of lithium disilicate frames – pressed efficiently and then individually veneered or characterised with the tried and trusted CreaColor stains and modifiers.

A sound combination for even more possibilities: both ceramic systems, Creation LS Press and Creation LS, follow the 'Simply Brilliant' philosophy of the ceramic master Willi Geller, tried and trusted for 30 years. They are ideally co-ordinated, both aesthetically and physically, and enable dental technicians to create naturally beautiful front and side tooth supplies with or on lithium disilicate, with great systematic safety.

Efficiently pressed, quickly removed, aesthetically supplied
The new Creation LS Press, which consists of latest-generation lithium disilicate, is suitable for all-ceramic indications which demand the highest levels of precision fitting and aesthetics. Their quick processing capabilities mean both more simplicity and more efficiency for dental technicians. Thanks to its optimised material qualities, the state-of-the-art pressed ceramic does not only demonstrate outstanding press results, but a very low surface reaction layer after removal as well. The result is clean, precise fittings with no chemical acid washing or time-consuming radiation!

The Creation LS Press castings are manufactured using a special technical process where the finest lithium disilicate microcrystals are enclosed in a glass matrix and evenly distributed. This highly concentrated filling content is not only responsible for the attractive physical qualities of the substance, but also for its outstanding aesthetic. With a bending strength of over 500 MPa, Creation LS Press is currently one of the most stable pressed ceramics on the market - for a maximum indication range even with minimum layer strengths. The homogeneous distribution of the microcrystalline lithium disilicate also ensures excellent light optic qualities and makes it easy to polish. Creation LS Press pellets are available in different translucencies and colourings; depending on their opacity, they can be used for manufacturing ceramic veneer frames or for partially reduced or fully anatomical crowns.

Easily veneered, safely fired, coloured intensively
The Creation LS ceramic has been specially developed for veneering new lithium disilicate pressed ceramics. First, fully anatomical modelled parts made from Creation LS Press are pressed and then reduced using the cut-back technique, or the caps are waxed up in reduced form and pressed in the desired dentine shade. They are then veneered with the Creation LS system, with a colour and opacity concept that follows the tried and trusted layer ceramics by Creation, for a dental aesthetic with a natural appearance. Reliable colour and shape results can even be achieved at low layer strengths with high-quality ceramics, and additional effect masses and opal incisals, as fired restorations demonstrate very low shrinkage.

The high strength and balanced consistency of individual masses make layering easier for dental technicians, while the microfine grain structure ensures a dense, homogeneous surface, good polishing ability and a natural colour brilliance.

Another efficiency advantage of the Creation system: the Creation LS veneer and pressed ceramics can also be characterised with the exclusive 'two-in-one' CreaColor colour system for individual colour accents – whether with the colour-intensive Make Up stains or the In Nova universal modifiers.