Interview with dental technician Ryo Miwa from Warsaw

The “Congress Ceramists” in Poland was an explosion of passions!

Addressed to dentists and dental technicians who are looking for beauty, harmony and inspiration in their daily work, the “Congress Ceramists” in Poland was a great success. More than 400 participants attended the conference, which took place from 27 to 28 September 2013 in Andel’s Hotel in Lodz. Marion Güntzel spoke with dental technician Ryo Miwa from Warsaw, who has organized this interesting event, about the current situation of dental technicians in Poland and about his expectations about the congress.

Mr. Miwa, please give us a short overview of the current situation of dental technicians in Poland. Is it right, that polish technicians are focusing more and more on quality and aesthetics?

Miwa: Eight years after coming into EU, the general economical situation in Poland changed quite a lot. There are about 7.000 to 8.000 dental technicians in the whole country and more and more dental laboratories invest in new technologies like CAD/CAM systems. A social dental care system does almost not exist here (just partial and full acrylic dentures). People pay 100% out of their wallet for dental restorations, that’s why many patients have really high expectations for high quality and aesthetics restorations, especially in the big cities. In a natural way dental technicians need to develop skills.

How do you see your role in modern dental technology?

Miwa: As I am an owner of a small laboratory, I am working hardly day by day, for my family, for my patients and of course for myself. Dental technology is the only profession, which I have and I can’t imagine my life without this work. I love to attend good hands-on courses and congresses to learn skills and other key competences and to get inspirations from masters. And my role or let me say my mission is to share this passion with dental technicians around me.

Focusing increasingly on quality and aesthetics includes a focus on excellent dental ceramics. What properties in ceramics are in generally important to you?

Miwa: Definitely good ceramic systems should give us the possibilities to create natural looking ceramic restorations in as simple as possible way. Also very important is the stability of colors and forms after multiple firings.

Ceramics from Creation have been on the market for a bit more than 25 years now. In your opinion, what benefits does the high-end porcelain have?

Even the best ceramic system in the world doesn’t help if you don’t know how to use it. I believe that when high-level education and technical support from the manufacturer come together with a high-end ceramic system, such as at Creation, it gives us maximum benefit for all.

You have organized for the first time the “Congress Ceramists” in Lodz. Please explain in short words the idea of this event.

Miwa: As an independent dental technician, my idea was to organize something, which is really valuable for dental technicians. For this reason each of seven speakers had a lecture and then a workshop. Thanks to the connection of theory and practice, each participant could get maximum information, could touch, ask questions and get inspirations from masters. Thus, the congress has clearly motivated each participant to achieve outstanding results in their own work and find their own path to success irrespective of the ceramic materials they use. Globally renowned technicians presented leading dental ceramic products, thus made the conference an absolutely exceptional experience and led to an event of great activity and interaction!

The feedback from the participants was fantastic and definitely I will continue this event every two years. The next “Congress Ceramists” is planned for September 2015.

What were your expectations about the congress?

Miwa: I took all the risks when I decided to organize this event and tried to do my very best for dental technicians and for myself. My dream was 400 participants and finally we reached the goal. More than 400 participants – including 100 from 16 countries – attended the congress!

And which lecture and technical demonstration impressed you during the congress in particular?

Miwa: The speakers list was impressive: Klaus Müterthies, Robert Zubák, Carsten Fischer, Jungo Endo, Paul Fiechter, Joshua Polansky and Hayashi Naoki. It is very difficult to compare them. Every one in Lodz was really unique and individual. Not just for me, for anyone this event was an explosion of passions! And the most important thing is that speakers, sponsors and finally the participants really enjoyed these two intensive days. You can find pictures and a film from this congress on the website

Thank you for this interview, Mr. Miwa.