More than you expect! “Creation VC Workbook“ now available!

Composite has become a real alternative to ceramic for many dental technicians. The material offers numerous possibilities with regard to aesthetics and functionality. Robert Arvai therefore calls composite the “hybrid all-rounder”. In our new first-class „Creation VC Workbook“ you will experience that Creation VC is more and can more than you may expect.

Five experienced composite users passionately dealt with the modern hybrid composite – everybody in his or her own way – and revealed the significance, the benefit and the possibilities of Creation VC. On more than 100 pages, the dental technicians show what the system accounts for and how versatilely and aesthetically it can be used – from material science (Robert Arvai) to the basic layering process (Nando Aeschlimann) to the individual layering (Uwe Gehringer) and from the press technique (Annette von Hajmasy) to the combined restoration with Creopal Shells and Creation VC Gingiva (Michael Zangl).

VC Workbook DE/EN9.7 M