Captivating, gorgeous, sensational:

Our 4th get-together in Leipzig proved that we together can move things and achieve incredible results:

  • Captivating speakers who impressed with their lectures and personal statements.
  • A gorgeous audience that was completely involved and enthusiastically clapped again and again.
  • The team of Creation that provided an amicable and almost familiar vibe.

In short: Almost 300 participants rocked the congress “Inspiration and Workflow” created a real “get-together of friends” – thank you very much!

Dear Ilka and Ramona, dear Christian, Michael, Alex, Uwe, Maki, Claus-Peter and Jockel: you were incredible, you celebrated dental technology, and you inspired all participants and shared your knowledge with them– true to Willi Geller’s philosophy: “Experience is the source of success.”

In this spirit: stay hungry, remain true to yourselves and also look after yourselves!