From 12 to 21: new MT and HT press blanks extend the LS product range

On 4th of May 2020 we extend our LS product range from 12 to 21 press ingots – for even more versatility and aesthetics in the posterior region. We thus offer you the entire bandwidth of opacity and shades for all manufacturing methods in the pressing technique – from the staining to the individual layering technique.

The seven new MT press ingots for the staining technique (Make up Neo) show a medium translucency level in the most common A to D shades.

Your advantages:

  • Versatile for veneered and partially veneered posterior crowns
  • Individual aesthetics with little effort: press, stain, glaze – done!
  • Seven pre-shaded ingots to reproduce all 16 A to D as well as Bleach shades
  • High flexural strength (500 MPa) for restorations with minimal wall thickness

The two new HT-B00 and HT-B0 press ingots are perfectly suited to create inlays, onlays and veneers in Bleach shades.

With Creation LS and the now extended Creation LS Press product range you get an optimally harmonised veneering and press ceramic system matching all aesthetic and functional demands for individual all-ceramic restorations with long-term stability.