Metalceramic in perfection

technically refined – inspired by nature

Creation CC is a high-fusing metal ceramic with unique optical and physical properties that has developed constantly in line with growing aesthetic demands – recognized worldwide for nearly 30 years!

The perfectly coordinated ceramic materials have excellent homogeneity and thus guarantee high flexural strength. The result: a densely sintered structure for pure and non-porous layering with the utmost reliability.
The pure potash feldspar with micro-pure leucite crystal structure in Creation CC creates iridescent light refraction and natural brilliance and enhances the strength. Exceptional colour nuances can additionally be created with the unique effect materials.
The ceramic bonder Crea Alloy Bond also acts as a CTE buffer between metal and ceramic – for improved adhesive properties to non-precious metal and greater colour reliability.
Whether Introduction, Starter, Shoulder, Gingiva, Bleach Shades
Kit, Kit 1 or 2: with the modular classic brand Creation CC, metal-ceramic restorations can be produced with impressive aesthetics and dimensional stability – for superb dental artistry!

Creation CC – natural brilliance and efficiency.


  • Unique, lifelike aesthetics thanks to highly pure potash feldspar
  • Resilience due to consistently high flexural strength
  • Natural colour effect and light dynamics due to leucite crystals
  • Ease of handling thanks to consistent colour and layering system
  • Processing reliability since 1988
  • CC – FOP
  • CC – O-A2
  • CC – OM-12
  • CC – SP-22
  • CC – OD-A2
  • CC – OD-32
  • CC – D-A2
  • CC – TD-A2
  • CC – AD-1
  • CC – MI-63
  • CC – S-058
  • CC – TI-2
  • CC – NT
  • CC – OT
  • CC – SI-02
  • CC – SO-10
  • CC – PS-0
  • CC – HT-56
  • CC – CL-0
  • CC – UC
  • CC – GL
  • CC – KM
  • CC – D-CW
  • CC – G2
  • CC – SP-AB
  • CC – BD-A
  • CC – S-AB
  • Make up Neo – MN-FA
  • Make up Neo – MN-F2
  • Make up Neo – Reconditioner
  • Make up Neo – Fluid
  • In Nova Neo – INN-IL
  • In Nova Neo – INN-CRL
  • In Nova Neo – INN-5
  • In Nova Neo – Fluid
  • Moisturing Fluid
  • Shoulder Liquid SPL
  • Modelling Liquid ML
  • Opaque Liquid OL
  • Glaze Liquid GL
  • Universal Fluid UF
  • Crea Alloy Bond
  • Creapast WOP - Sand
  • Creapast WOP - Sahara
  • Creapast WOP - Gold
  • Liquid Firing Pad
Thomas Sing, ZTM
Thomas Sing, MDT

Firing chart

* If NEM is processed without CreaAlloyBond, the first opaque firing should be done at 1000°C due to the poor heat conductivity of NEM. If using CreaAlloyBond on NEM this temperature increase is not necessary.

** The appearance of the bonder may vary according to the alloy composition.

The above firing parameters are guide values which must always be adapted to the furnace being used and the situation of the furnace. Getting the correct firing result is crucial here.

Other firing parameters for Dekema furnaces can be found here

Color Chart

Shade combination chart shoulder powders

Colour chart

Materials which are not related to the Vita®shade guide:

Vita® is a registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Mixing chart

The results of this mixing chart relate to defined samples produced in-house and the measuring instruments located there.
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information
Vita® is a registrated trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Physical properties

All tested materials conform to standard EN ISO 9693:2000. The technical and physical values given relate to samples produced in-house and the measuring instruments located there.

Application diagram


Everything in balance

tension-free CTE balance

Crea Alloy Bond is a bonding agent which was specially developed for neutralising leaking metallic oxides. At the same time it acts as an efficient CTE buffer between porcelain and metal alloy.

Strong bonding – uncomplicated handling: Crea Alloy Bond is a ready-to-use paste material which, with a bonding strength of approx. 70 MPa, provides a secure bond between porcelain and metal alloy. Owing to its excellent physical properties, Crea Alloy Bond achieves a buffer effect. Thus the bonding agent prevents the dispersion of staining metallic oxides and forms a micro-fine neutral layer between metal alloy and porcelain. As a result, it balances out the different coefficients of thermal expansion between metal and porcelain, especially with non-precious metal alloys.The porcelain bonder is also optically convincing: After firing it has a golden yellow appearance – an aesthetically perfect background for high and stable colour reliability!

Crea Alloy Bond – buffer zone between metal and porcelain.

And the metal goes under cover!

covering evenly - evenly tight

Creation CC Creapast provides the dental technician with a modern opaque paste which was developed specially for the tried and tested Creation CC system.
Efficient consumption - uncomplicated handling: The fine-grain opaque paste can be applied very easily with a brush. The ready-to-use, always homogeneous material allows very even and thin layer application and is thus extremely economical in terms of consumption. Just one condition: the brush should only be slightly moistened.

This can be built on individually:
The Creation CC Creapast range comprises 16 standard shades, four intensive modifiers and three WOP materials for high-gold alloys with a small melting interval – for greater colour reliability in the final restoration.

Creation CC Creapast – because the background is decisive!


  • Efficient CTE buffer between porcelain and metal alloy
  • Safety owing to high flexural strength (70 MPa)
  • No marginal discolorations – staining metallic oxides are neutralised
  • Greater colour reliability because of the golden yellow undertone
  • Compatible with all materials from Creation CC and LF


  • Fine-grain opaque paste for a homogeneous surface
  • Even consistency - working conditions remain the same
  • Minimal layer thickness leaves more space for layering
  • Can be perfectly combined with opaque powders
  • Can be used for multiple indications with Creation CC, LF and CP-L&M

White is the fashion

for pearly-white aesthetics

The special Bleach Shades Kit complements the aesthetically versatile range of Creation CC with high-quality shades beyond the conventional colour palette – and for all indications!

To embrace the current trend towards very light tooth shades, the Creation CC system has been expanded with its own bleach shades. For instance, they allow technicians to fabricate accurately detailed highlights, perfect shade adaptations of exceptional metal-ceramic work, which are outside the usual shade guide.

The ten-part Creation CC Bleach Shades Kit contains a base porcelain perfectly matched to the metal framework, three dentines, one incisal and one shoulder porcelain and the corresponding fluids. They are, of course, compatible with all the ceramics contained in the Creation CC system – for individual solutions with impressive colour brilliance.

Creation CC Bleach Shades Kit – uncompromisingly white.

Pink and white in perfection

creating a beautifully framed smile

Naturally beautiful gingival reproductions can be created with incredible ease by using the new Creation CC Gingiva Kit.

Whether atrophied alveolar ridges or receding gums: With the gingiva-coloured materials in the new user-friendly Gingiva Kit individually characterised soft tissue zones and an imper-ceptible transition from restored tooth to gingiva are no longer a problem.

Seven materials for unlimited possibilities: The six mixable shades purple, dark pink, light pink, flamingo, rose and dark pink opaque as well as the neutral material for individual gradation make it possible to reproduce poorly perfused areas just as well as a large vestibular fornix or small labial fraenum.

Creation CC Gingiva Kit – for natural gingival reproductions.


  • Highest aesthetics thanks to true-to-nature light dynamics
  • High colour accuracy and colour fidelity thanks to high-quality materials
  • Ease of handling thanks to integrated shade and build-up system
  • Compatible with all Creation CC materials


  • High-quality gingival shades for perfect pink aesthetics
  • Compatible with all porcelains from the Creation CC range
  • Brilliant colour effect owing to non-porous microstructure
  • Comfortable handling thanks to integrated build-up system

The added moisture boost!

no more drying out when layering

Long-lasting moisture for all ceramics: the new Moisturing Fluidfrom Creation is used for extensive restorations and complex correction firings as a moisturising medium for the applied ceramic.

The chemical composition of the universal Moisturing Fluid has been adjusted so that it can be used for all ceramic systems from Creation. It is used in addition to the particular modelling fluid being used in order to lengthen the working time of mixed layering ceramics. The ceramic already applied to the frame will not dry out as quickly, becomes more plastic and can therefore be applied more specifically – for more efficiency and precision when layering!

Control moisture level – longer modelling time!

Accurate measuring, perfect fixation

dimensionally stable and secure

The new liquid firing pad for all Creation systems precisely fixes the object on the fireproof tray. This is because the unique liquid support material hardens completely during the firing process.

It is easy to use, the result is simply impressive: The novel firing pad is applied straight from the syringe into the crown or applied onto the pressed ceramic object, then carefully placed on the pin of the firing tray. In the ceramic furnace, the special material completely hardens and thereby stabilises the dental technician‘s work during the firing process – a secure stand including for inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.

Tough yet easy to remove: After firing, the hardened paste can be quickly and completely removed under running water by using an instrument.

Liquid firing pad – stable hold from a syringe.


  • No more drying out, the ceramics remain consistently modellable
  • Efficient and simple: one Moisturing Fluid for all ceramics!
  • Longer working time for mixed materials – especially for sizeable work
  • Targeted application due to controllable moisture content


  • Stable hold on the firing tray
  • Easy to handle because of proven dispenser design
  • Safe because of firing stability and optimum heat/warmth build-up onto the object
  • Economical because of precise measuring
  • Can be used for all Creation systems

Metal-ceramic in perfection

CREATION CC Transition Dentine –
higher translucency gives deep insight

The Transition Dentines are special ceramics for Creation CC and Creation CP, whose translucency ensures a gentle transition between dentine and incisal materials – in both anterior and posterior restorations.
Natural aesthetics from the depths: the complementary Transition Dentines can be used either directly by applying the standard layering technique or as a smooth transitional layer between conventional dentine and incisal ceramics or between pressed dentine cores made of Creation CP and incisal/transparent materials. When using the veneer, inlay and onlay technique, they also ensure a harmonious colour gradient between natural tooth and restoration.

Simple and efficient: The Transition Dentines from Creation have excellent homogenity and provide high and stable shadereliability – for a perfect chameleon effect with depth. The highquality Transition Dentines, available in one bleach and 16 standard shades, are supplied in individual 20 gram and 50 gram bottles and also as a range in all the shades.

Transition Dentines – because naturalness comes from depth!


  • Special materials for a natural colour gradient between dentine and incisal
  • Can be used as a dentine layer in the standard layering technique (Creation Smart)
  • Compatible with all ceramics in the Creation CC and CP range
  • Easy to handle because of high stability during modelling
  • Natural depth effect thanks to increased translucency
  • Cost-effective working thanks to simplified layeringapproach
All kits at a glance
  • CC Creapast Kit
    Complete paste opaques with modifier
  • CC Opaque Kit
    Complete powder oqaques with modifier
  • CC Kit 1
    Basic porcelains kit (opaque dentines, dentines, incisals)
  • CC Kit 2
    Effect porcelains kit
  • CC Bleach Shades Kit
    Complete bleach shades colours
  • CC Gingiva Kit
    Complete gingiva colours
  • CC Shoulder Kit
    Complete shoulder porcelains
  • CC Transition Dentine Kit
    Basic porcelains kit (transition dentines, incisals)
  • CC Starter Kit
    Introduction kit with tooth shades A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3
  • CC Introduction Kit
    Introduction kit with tooth shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3, D2, D3
  • CreaColor Kit
    Contains Make up Neo Kit & In Nova Neo Kit
  • Make up Neo Kit
    Glazing and fluorescent stains
  • In Nova Neo Kit
    All-purpose modifier