2 in 1 for everything:

more brilliance with individual colour effects!

intensive colour character, efficient to use

Perfectly mixed, coloured and corrected: the universally usable stains range Make up Neo from the new CreaColor System is an ideal “ceramics make-up case” for internal and external colouring, but also for admixing to layering ceramics and for characterising zirconium dioxide.

The 17 ceramic stains are available in ready-to-use paste form and display a very even consistency or a very fine degree of staining – for thin layer application and a homogeneous ceramic surface.

Place colour nuances – naturally beautiful and simple: the 13 paste ceramic glazes have very high fluorescence and colour intensity while the four dentine-coloured glazes provide excellent cover and are ideal for colour corrections and for staining pressed ceramic. Very effective nuances can be placed with the three effect stains – for more in-depth individualisation!

Make up Neo universal and individual – down to the smallest detail!

Sascha Hein, ZTM
MDT Sascha Hein


  • 13 stains (MN-F1 to MN-F13) – fluorescent, glazing ceramic stains
  • 4 shades (MN-FA to MN-FD) – dentine shades in the four Vita® shade groupings for colour corrections and for staining press ingots
  • 1 fluorescent glaze (GL-F)
  • 1 stain fluid
  • 1 stain reconditioner for refreshing dried out ceramic stains


  • Internal staining of pressed or fired dentine cores
  • External staining of all pressed ceramics
  • External staining of all layered ceramics
  • Admixing for intensifying or individualising layered ceramic
  • Characterising zirconium dioxide (with the aid of Frame Shade FS NT)

Color Chart