Creation CP – Pressable Ceramic Classic

aesthetic, versatile and flexible

Creation CP is a pressable ceramic for fabricating inlays, onlays, veneers and single crowns – whether by the staining or build-up technique or a combination of both, or with Creation LF or CC.

Brilliance and efficiency: thanks to the high pressing temperature of 1050 °C and the perfectly coordinated coefficients of thermal expansion of the materials, Creation CP can be used both with the low-fusing Creation LF system and the tried and tested feldspar metal-ceramic Creation CC. This means: even aesthetically demanding all-ceramic crowns and veneers can now be achieved for the first time with high-fusing veneering porcelain!

Combined work, such as anterior teeth made of all-ceramic and posterior teeth with metal framework, are simply completed with a veneering porcelain – for optimum aesthetics without added outlay.

Economical yet high quality: in the staining technique the pressed frameworks are coloured with the Make up Neo stains - by internal colouring on the dentine core or by surface staining. For aesthetically demanding work, the leucite-reinforced pressed ceramic framework can also be added to by using the build-up technique, followed by high-fusing or low-fusing veneering.

Creation CP – limitless possibilities and colour brilliance!


  • The first pressed ceramic for high-fusing veneering porcelains too
  • Sensational versatility owing to perfectly coordinated CTE
  • Safety owing to extremely high dimensional stability with high or low-fusing veneering porcelain
  • Enhanced quality with combination work
  • More brilliance due to individual colour effects - by staining and build-up technique
Bertrand Thiévent
Bertrand Thiévent

Press chart

These firing parameters represent standard values and have to be adjusted to respective situation.

Other pressing parameters for Dekema furnaces can be found here!

Firing chart

These firing parameters represent standard values and have to be adjusted to respective situation. Decisive is the firing result.

Other firing parameters for Dekema furnaces can be found here!

Colour chart

Vita® is a registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

The measure results are depending on a testing tab thickness of 1 mm and a measure range from 400 to 700 nm.
They are an average used as a guideline for the system.

Physical properties

All tested materials conform to EN ISO 9693:2000. The technical and physical values quoted relate to samples produced in-house and to our own measuring instruments.


All kits at a glance
  • CP Starter Kit
    Complete kit
  • CreaColor Kit
    Contains Make up Neo Kit & In Nova Neo Kit
  • Make up Neo Kit
    Glazing and fluorescent stains
  • In Nova Neo Kit
    All-purpose modifier