Closest to the original – ahead of nature

the fine art of ceramics

The Creation ZI-CT is an innovative feldspar ceramic containing leucite crystals which is matched to the CTE of all high-strength zirconium dioxide frameworks and structures – whether white, coloured or translucent.
The high proportion of pure potash feldspars creates light scatter that is comparable to that of natural teeth and a brilliant colour effect, while the micro-fine leucite crystals improve mechanical strength and thereby ensure a durable ceramic structure.

Fascinatingly fluorescent: the special bonding agent Frame Shade NT guarantees strong adhesion to the zirconium dioxide framework and also increases its fluorescence – for powerful bond strength without tensile stresses.

The modular Creation ZI-CT allows restorative work on zirconium dioxide with impressive colour and dimensional stability and with brilliant light reflection and dynamics.

High-fusing, high aesthetics, high stability: Creation ZI-CT.

„Unobtrusively beautiful – a true Creation!”
MDT Andreas Nolte


  • Natural colour effect and light dynamics due to leucite crystals
  • Excellent bonding strength thanks to high firing temperature of 910 °C
  • Extremely low shrinkage for fewer correction firings and more efficiency
  • Reliability due to homogeneous crystalline structure and high resilience
  • ZI-CT – Frame Shade NT
  • ZI-CT – OD-32
  • ZI-CT – SP-22
  • ZI-CT – D-A2
  • ZI-CT – AD-1
  • ZI-CT – MI-62
  • ZI-CT – E-58
  • ZI-CT – OT
  • ZI-CT – NT
  • ZI-CT – TI-2
  • ZI-CT – SI-02
  • ZI-CT – SO-10
  • ZI-CT – PS-0
  • ZI-CT – HT-52
  • ZI-CT – CL-0
  • ZI-CT – UC
  • ZI-CT – GL
  • ZI-CT – KM
  • ZI-CT – G2
  • ZI-CT – SP-AB
  • ZI-CT – BD-A
  • ZI-CT – S-AB
Fechmi Housein, ZTM
Fechmi Housein, MDT

Firing chart

The above firing parameters are guide values which must always be adapted to the furnace being used and the situation of the furnace. Getting the right firing result is what matters.

Other firing parameters for Dekema furnaces can be found here!

Color Chart

Shade combination chart shoulder porcelains

Colour chart

Materials which are not related to the Vita®shade guide:

Vita® is a registered trade mark of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Physical properties

All the tested materials conform to standard EN ISO 9693:2000.
The stated technical and physical values relate to samples prepared in-house and the measuring instruments located in-house.

Recommended application individual materials

Build-up diagramme

Build-up diagramme Gingiva


White is the fashion

for pearly-white aesthetics

The special Bleach Shades Kit complements the aesthetically versatile range of Creation ZI-CT with high-quality shades beyond the conventional colour palette - and for all indications!

To embrace the current trend towards very light tooth shades, the Creation ZI-CT system has its own bleach shades. For instance, they allow technicians to fabricate accurately detailed highlights, perfect shade adaptations of exceptional zirconium oxide-ceramic work, which are outside the usual shade guide.

The Creation ZI-CT Bleach Shades Kit contains dentine, incisal and shoulder porcelains and the corresponding fluids. They are, of course, compatible with all the ceramics contained in the Creation ZI-CT system - for individual solutions with impressive colour brilliance.

Creation ZI-CT Bleach Shades Kit – uncompromisingly white.

Pink and white in perfection

creating a beautifully framed smile

Naturally beautiful gingival reproductions can be created with incredible ease by using the new Creation ZI-CT Gingiva Kit.

Whether atrophied alveolar ridges or receding gums: With the gingiva-coloured materials in the user-friendly Gingiva Kit individually characterised soft tissue zones and an imperceptible transition from restored tooth to gingiva are no longer a problem.

Porcelains for unlimited possibilities: The mixable shades purple, dark pink, light pink, flamingo, rose and dark pink opaque as well as the neutral material for individual gradation and the corresponding fluid make it possible to reproduce poorly perfused areas just as well as a large vestibular fornix or small labial fraenum.

Creation ZI-CT Gingiva Kit – for natural gingival reproductions.


  • Highest aesthetics thanks to true-to-nature light dynamics
  • High colour accuracy and colour fidelity thanks to high-quality materials
  • Ease of handling thanks to integrated shade and build-up system
  • Compatible with all Creation ZI-CT materials


  • High-quality gingival shades for perfect pink aesthetics
  • Brilliant colour effect owing to non-porous microstructure
  • Comfortable handling thanks to integrated build-up system

The added moisture boost!

no more drying out when layering

Long-lasting moisture for all ceramics: the new Moisturing Fluidfrom Creation is used for extensive restorations and complex correction firings as a moisturising medium for the applied ceramic.

The chemical composition of the universal Moisturing Fluid has been adjusted so that it can be used for all ceramic systems from Creation. It is used in addition to the particular modelling fluid being used in order to lengthen the working time of mixed layering ceramics. The ceramic already applied to the frame will not dry out as quickly, becomes more plastic and can therefore be applied more specifically – for more efficiency and precision when layering!

Control moisture level – longer modelling time!

Accurate measuring, perfect fixation

dimensionally stable and secure

The new liquid firing pad for all Creation systems precisely fixes the object on the fireproof tray. This is because the unique liquid support material hardens completely during the firing process.

It is easy to use, the result is simply impressive: The novel firing pad is applied straight from the syringe into the crown or applied onto the pressed ceramic object, then carefully placed on the pin of the firing tray. In the ceramic furnace, the special material completely hardens and thereby stabilises the dental technician‘s work during the firing process – a secure stand including for inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.

Tough yet easy to remove: After firing, the hardened paste can be quickly and completely removed under running water by using an instrument.

Liquid firing pad – stable hold from a syringe.


  • No more drying out, the ceramics remain consistently modellable
  • Efficient and simple: one Moisturing Fluid for all ceramics!
  • Longer working time for mixed materials – especially for sizeable work
  • Targeted application due to controllable moisture content


  • Stable hold on the firing tray
  • Easy to handle because of proven dispenser design
  • Safe because of firing stability and optimum heat/warmth build-up onto the object
  • Economical because of precise measuring
  • Can be used for all Creation systems
All kits at a glance
  • ZI-CT Kit 1
    Basic porcelains kit (dentines, incisals)
  • ZI-CT Kit 2
    Effect porcelains kit
  • ZI-CT Starter Kit
    Introduction kit with tooth shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3
  • ZI-CT Introduction Kit
    Introduction kit with tooth shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3, D2, D3
  • ZI-CT Bleach Shades Kit
    Complete bleach shades colours
  • ZI-CT Gingiva Kit
    Complete gingiva colours
  • ZI-CT Shoulder Kit
    Complete shoulder porcelains
  • CreaColor Kit
    Contains Make up Neo Kit & In Nova Neo Kit
  • Make Up Neo Kit
    Glazing and fluorescent stains
  • In Nova Neo Kit
    All-purpose modifier