Natural light dynamics

naturally brilliant – brilliantly natural

Creation ZI-F is a tried and tested zirconium dioxide ceramic. It is perfectly suited to veneering any kind of zirconium dioxide framework.
At the same time, the modular materials are also an ideal choice as add-on materials for Creation ZI-CT because their firing temperature is about 100°C lower than the new, high-fusing zirconium dioxide veneering ceramic ZI-CT.

Creation ZI-F is an extremely versatile zirconium dioxide ceramic with high natural light reflection, combined with all the material-related advantages of zirconium dioxide.

With the unique effect materials, exceptional colour nuances can also be created rapidly and comfortably – for maximum impact with minimum effort.

Creation ZI-F – natural light dynamics!


  • Natural brilliance and iridescent light refraction
  • Pleasant to grind due to lower glass content
  • High durability, perfectly matched to the CTE of zirconium
  • Versatile as a veneering, layering and add-on ceramic
  • ZI-F – Frame Shade NT
  • ZI-F – FS-1
  • ZI-F – SP-21
  • ZI-F – OD-32
  • ZI-F – D-A2
  • ZI-F – AD-1
  • ZI-F – MI-61
  • ZI-F – E-58
  • ZI-F – TI-2
  • ZI-F – NT
  • ZI-F – OT
  • ZI-F – SI-02
  • ZI-F – SO-10
  • ZI-F – PS-0
  • ZI-F – HT-56
  • ZI-F – CL-0
  • ZI-F – UC
  • ZI-F – GL
  • ZI-F – KM
  • ZI-F – G3
  • ZI-F – SP-AB
  • ZI-F – BD-B0
  • ZI-F – S-AB
Willi Geller, Oraldesign
Willi Geller, Oraldesign

Firing chart

The firing parameters given above are guidelines,which always need to be adjusted to the furnace used for firing and the situation of the furnace. The important thing is to obtain the right firing result.

Other firing parameters for Dekema furnaces can be found here!

Colour chart

Vita® is a registrated Trademark of Vita Zahnfabrik, H. Rauter GmbH & Co.KG, Bad Säckingen, Germany.

Physical properties

All tested materials conform to EN ISO 9693:2000.The technical and physical values quoted relate to samples produced in-house and to our own measuring instruments.

Build-up diagramme


All kits at a glance
  • ZI-F Kit 1
    Basic porcelains kit (dentines, incisals)
  • ZI-F Kit 2
    Effect porcelains kit
  • ZI-F Bleach Shades Kit
    Complete bleach shades colours
  • ZI-F Gingiva Kit
    Complete gingiva colours
  • ZI-F Starter Kit
    Introduction kit with tooth shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3
  • CreaColor Kit
    Contains Make up Neo Kit & In Nova Neo Kit
  • Make up Neo Kit
    Glazing and fluorescent stains
  • In Nova Neo Kit
    All-purpose modifier