1st light-curing composite from Creation!

definitely aesthetic and versatile!

Brilliant colours, natural light dynamic, and high processing and system quality: Creation VC is the first light-curing composite system by Creation Willi Geller. Just like all of the ceramic and prosthetic ranges by the Austrian dental technician, it is technically refined and inspired by nature. The new micro-hybrid ­composite not only possesses unmatched durability and ­mechanical stability, but also well-balanced opalescence and translucence. Based on hybrid MFR technology and the tried-and-tested colour coding concept, it offers dental technicians a unique, versatile, colourfast and sturdy composite system, with a total of 102 individual porcelains in a user-friendly packaging concept. The flow materials are a particular highlight and can be processed almost like ceramic materials due to their excellent application and modelling properties, as well as the wide range of natural gingival shades and make-up ­stains – for vivid and effective aesthetics in red and white!
On the basis of a unique filler structure and the familiar colour and layer system used by ceramics specialists, natural analogue composite restoration with the tried-and-tested Creation brilliance is now possible.
Thanks to the non-adhesive consistency and balanced viscosity, the new composite material is ideal for modelling and can be polished to a fine shine.
The modular Creation VC complete system offers the dental technician a virtually unlimited number of colour and structural combinations, a wide spectrum of different consistencies and processing possibilities, and a customised portfolio of new technologies such as cuvette technology (pressing and injection methods), as well as compatibility with Creopal Shell.

Creation VC – an expressive and high-performance compo­site system.

Hans-Joachim Lotz, MDT


  • Unique, natural-looking aesthetics due to microhybrid filler structure/hybrid MFR technology
  • A wide variety of indications for metal-supported and ­metal-free indications
  • Perfect, safe and co-ordinated combinations with ­Creopal Shells
  • High mechanical strength
  • Resilience through equally high resistance to bending
  • Different viscosities
  • Natural colour effect and light dynamics
  • Safe processing and bonding thanks to latest generation primers

Color Chart


All kits, primer and single products at a glance
  • VC Kit 1
    Basic materials kit (opaques, opaque dentines, dentines, incisals)
  • VC Kit 1 Starter
    Introduction kit in the 5 most common base shades A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3
  • VC Trial Kit A2
    The easy introduction of the system
  • VC Kit 2
    Effect porcelains kit
  • VC Kit 2 Starter
    Effect porcelains kit
  • VC Gingiva Kit
    Complete gingiva colours and primers
  • VC Make up Neo Kit
    Universal stains
  • VC Accessory-Kit
    Accessories and primers
  • VC Primer
  • VC Single Products