individual anterior tooth design, as unique as nature itself

Irresistibly simple, and with a multitude of individual shapes: the Creapearl prefabricated teeth, tried and tested for many years, are an ideal symbiosis of natural looks, functionality and brilliant aesthetics. Thanks to minimal shape changes with, or through different types of positions, the dental technician has a "tailor- made suit" at their disposal!
The natural appearance of the anterior teeth is still supported by the special triple layering with the soft colouring and strong dentine core. The dynamic colour characteristics and lifelike appearance of the artificial teeth do not change, even during grinding for forming purposes. Another unique selling point is their natural surface texture, with a precisely adjusted surface sheen.

The basic concept of the Creapearl anterior tooth range, which is manufactured using an elaborate, semi-manual process, ­involves the aesthetic and functional reproduction of a natural tooth in strengthened PMMA resin. The form follows the ­function, bringing the fundamental principles of creation into effect:

  • Raised opacity
  • High chromatic dentine colouring for better dynamic colour penetration
  • Integrated opalescent incisal area
  • Individual high-contrast layering (coloured/white, opaque/translucent)

Natural anterior tooth aesthetics – makes a perfect combination with     Creapearl 2!


  • Anterior denture tooth to satisfy the highest demands
  • A highly opalescent incisal area guarantees brilliant aesthetics, and customisation without discolouration
  • Brilliant light conductivity thanks to balanced ­fluorescence and translucence
  • Sealed interdental area for a lively "red-white" design
  • Expressive, natural shapes with deep interdental closure bands, to counteract clouding for individual positions
  • Semi-manual manufacturing process, with individual needs
clear unterschrift

Type A Anatomic – upper anterior with natural rootshaped emergence profile

The denture tooth is a perfect anatomical copy of a natural tooth.

Type V Vario - upper anterior teeth for 
individual contouring of denture teeth

The tooth length and appearance can be influenced 
with or without grinding of the neck by designing the gum. The single tooth can get an individual 

Type U – lower anterior

The same can be applied to the lower anterior teeth which can be arranged in a similar way like the type V Vario. The user is able to determine the length of the tooth, and there is no need for a large tooth stock.