exclusive range of denture teeth:
multifaceted play of colour and shape

High aesthetics, stability and efficiency: Creopal is a modern system of composite teeth with enhanced strength – the result of intercultural exchange. Thus the gnathology and the surface texture of the anterior teeth were designed in a Willi Geller project lasting several years, while the posterior teeth were developed in parallel by Yasuhiro Odanaka, among others.

The ten anterior and five posterior tooth shapes for the maxilla and mandibula are perfectly coordinated with each other. Particularly impressive features are their natural morphology and surface texture as well as an extraordinary gloss. As a result of the balanced filler content, the highly compacted composite teeth display high abrasion and flexural strength.

The exclusive range of artificial teeth also includes multifunctional composite shells for the anterior and posterior area. These Creopal Shells, despite their extremely thin layer thickness, achieve the same colour effect and the same brightness value as full contour teeth – creating a masterful impact!

Individually adaptable and multiple indications: The Creopal system is available in 16 Vita® and two bleach shades, for perfect colour adaptation with acrylic and ceramic materials, the Creopal Shell system has a limited colour range. The artificial teeth produced by a four-layer process and the Creopal Shells with a two-layer method, are suitable for partial, combination and implant restorations as well as full dentures and as a set-up or mock-up for aesthetic try-ins and backward planning. The slightly rectangular tooth shapes can be perfectly individualised and combined – without any loss of aesthetics – best with Creation VC!

Creopal teeth and shells – for individual tooth aesthetics.


  • System-independent, lifelike denture teeth and veneer shells made from composite
  • Tooth shapes with enhanced opalescence and fluorescence – for more light dynamics
  • Rectangular basic forms can easily be individualised without loss of colour
  • Closed interdental spaces for a natural set-up and papilla shaping
  • Universal indications in temporary restorations, partial and full dentures

Set-up principles:

    • The denture teeth are indicated for all common set-up principles, according to the laws of nature
    • Can be set up either tooth-to-tooth or tooth-to-two-teeth
    • Principles of balanced occlusion

    Indication of the Creopal & Creopal Shell System:

    Planning & temporaries
    • Set-ups for backward planning of complex restorations
    • Mock-ups for short time temporary
    • Long term temporaries ( single crowns and bridges)
    • Jacket crowns

    Combined restorations
    • Telescopic restorations
    • Bar restorations
    • Implant restorations
    • Partial dentures

    Full dentures

    To make things easier for you and to make your patients happier...

    ... a team of people from Europe and Asia has created the perfect combination of prosthetic teeth and identical
    matching shells/veneers using state-of-the-art high-tech materials: acrylic and bonded composites.

    The fact that this product is unique in the world makes it  »THE ONE«.

                                                                                                      Enjoy »THE ONE«

    Type AU

    Maxillary anterior teeth

    Type AL

    Mandibular anterior teeth

    Contact relationship in statics

    Flat intercuspation

    Calotte: 140
    Can readily be used in a combination technique and complete prosthetics due to the anatomical shape and the cusp inclination.