Liquid firing pad

Dimensionally stable and secure

The liquid firing pad allows restorations of all kinds to be easily and safely fixed for firing in the furnace. The liquid material is applied to the inside of the crown and then placed on a firing tray with a refractory pin. The support material hardens fully during the firing process and stabilises the dental restoration during firing - also a more secure fixation for inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.

Resistant yet easy to remove: after firing, the hardened paste can be removed quickly and without residue under running water using an instrument.

Liquid firing pad – stable hold from a syringe



  • Stable hold on the firing tray
  • Easy to handle owing to proven dispenser design
  • Safe due to firing stability and optimum heat/warmth build-up on the object
  • Economical due to precise dosing
  • For universal use with all Creation systems


Liquid firing pad | 000081