Magic Colour

A colour system designed for the handicraft

Handicraft starts where technology ends

Digital production is efficient, monolithic dentures are robust. But dental prostheses only become unique due to the craftsmanship of the dental technician.

Creation Magic Colour combines creative manufacturing processes with the aesthetics and the know-how of the traditional handicraft. Creation Magic Colour is a concise, well-arranged colour system for the personalised shade matching of monolithic restorations made of zirconium dioxide or lithium disilicate.


Characterise, fire, glaze, done

A single brushstroke and the subtle accentuation of a small area are sufficient to create a naturally looking unique masterpiece with Creation Magic Colour. The manifold processing possibilities result from the individual mixture of finely grained shade powders with the Creation Magic Colour Liquid GL. The smooth pastes allow to glaze surfaces or to characterise shade effects. Creation Magic Colour is extremely efficient, easy to use, and the results are predictable.


Microlayering: for more brilliance and for aesthetics with depth effect

Wafer-thin ceramic layers on individually characterised surfaces create a depth effect and add extra brilliance to the restoration. Depending on the framework material, Creation ZI-F is used for microlayering on zirconium dioxide and Creation LS for microlayering on lithium disilicate. Mixing the ceramics with Creation Magic Colour Special Liquid ML gives them a pasty consistency. The layers can be modelled thinly and are suitable for an application providing texture. The firing result is unique: The very thin veneering layers have a homogeneous surface and the self-glaze effect gives the restorations a natural shine.

Especially for monolithic anterior restorations, microlayering with Creation ZI-F or with Creation LS creates even more aesthetics.


For multi-facetted aesthetics: Creation Magic Colour and microlayering

The combination of Creation Magic Colour and microlayering with Creation ZI-F resp. Creation LS creates unique masterpieces bearing the signature of the dental technician.

The brilliance of Creation Magic Colour:

  • Manifold processing possibilities due to the powder-liquid-system
  • Characterisation of CAD, press and layering ceramics, especially of monolithic restorations made from zirconium dioxide and lithium disilicate
  • Shading of layering ceramics
  • For surface shading and for application in combination with microlayering
  • Natural, photo-optical effect due to fluorescence of the finely grained powder
Alexander Conzmann, MDT