Creation Willi Geller – Simply BRILLIANT

Ceramic - the stuff that dental dreams are made of. And we know something about that. For more than 35 years, the name Creation has stood for high-quality and aesthetically superior dental ceramics - whether for anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges or implants.Our ceramic lines are extremely reliable in their handling, expressive in their colour effects and brilliant in their results. Long-lasting dental aesthetics? With Creation it is not a matter of chance, but a constant reality. This is because the long-term behaviour and firing and dimensional stability of our metal-ceramic materials are exceptional.

Dental dreams actually become reality with Creation Willi Geller

Simply BRILLIANT – then as now

Inspired by the desire for a unique and vital copy of nature‘s own creation, the internationally renowned dental technician Willi Geller created a metal and ceramics range in 1988 which made quite a splash: perfect, true-to-nature restorations became possible all at once – masterly in their physical properties and reliable and reproducible in terms of shading. With Creation, each tooth was suddenly able to retain its own character – in shade, form and function.

The new ceramic materials from Switzerland quickly set the trend for dental technology worldwide. Geller‘s “master ceramics” and his distinctive layering technique set benchmarks for a top-class dental aesthetic. The possibility of imitating nature perfectly and the seemingly inexhaustible diversity of the metal-ceramic range gave dental technicians a whole new, artistic profile.

Experience as the source of success
Founded as a “one-man company“ 35 years ago, the dental company has continued to grow and develop steadily: new manufacturing technologies, additional fusions and effect materials, as well as expanded indications and, more recently, a light-curing veneer composite with “Creation Brilliance”. Today, Creation is one of the world‘s most important manufacturers of ambitious ceramics systems, and resin and composite teeth with a strong profile. The innovative ceramic materials and denture teeth are successfully processed in over 70 countries across the globe. And the users are not the only ones who are impressed; dentists and patients are also convinced by our “Simply Brilliant“ aesthetics concept.

Willi Geller‘s dental creations represent the original – and are just as brilliant today.