Creation LS/LS Press

Press, veneer and individualise with lithium disilicate!

Efficiency and natural aesthetics: Creation LS Press and Creation LS are a perfect ceramic symbiosis that not only offers dental technicians safety, but also colour brilliance and versatility on and with lithium disilicate - because standard alone is simply not good enough for Creation!

The combination of press and veneering ceramics offers the dental technician an efficient and at the same time high-strength solution for the fabrication of all-ceramic restorations. Using the optimally matched Creation LS press blanks made of lithium disilicate and the Creation LS veneering ceramic, highly aesthetic and stable all-ceramic restorations can be fabricated - efficiently pressed, individually veneered and characterised with Magic Colour stains.

Reliably united for extended options: the two system components Creation LS Press and Creation LS follow the "Simply Brilliant" philosophy of master ceramist Willi Geller, which has been tried and tested for 30 years. They enable the dental technician to fabricate naturally beautiful anterior and posterior restorations with or on lithium disilicate with a high degree of system safety.

Sonia Cattazzo, Oral Design

CREATION LS PRESS – for good reasons!

Creation LS press blanks are produced employing a special technical process in which lithium disilicate crystals are enclosed in a glass matrix. The special feature is the even distribution and high filling level of microcrystalline lithium disilicate. This results in outstanding physical material properties and natural aesthetics of the restorations.



  • High strength due to homogeneous crystal structure: > 500 MPa
  • Minimally invasive preparation: 0.3 mm veneer, 0.8 mm anterior tooth
  • Aesthetic basis for creative and nature-like veneering with Creation LS
  • High diversity of indications: individual layering, cut-back and monolithic techniques


CREATION LS – out of love for details

Creation LS is a lithium disilicate veneering ceramic specifically developed for Creation LS Press. It consists of an amorphous glass matrix enriched with feldspar. As a result, Creation LS impresses with a brilliant colour effect and natural light reflection. The shade range follows the proven colour-coding concept of all veneering ceramics from Creation Willi Geller. This allows Creation LS Press restorations to be veneered easily and efficiently in line with the habitual layering concept.

Creation LS – for a colour design typical of Creation.



  • Comprehensive range of shades for individual veneering and characterisation
  • The layering design follows the proven colour-coding concept of Creation Willi Geller
  • Natural colour brilliance and light effects due to feldspar content
  • Homogeneous crystal structure and outstanding surface density