Creation ZI-CT

The Fine Art of Ceramics

Creation ZI-CT is an innovative feldspar ceramic containing leucite crystals, which is matched to the CTE value of zirconium dioxide frameworks and veneering structures - regardless of whether they are stained or unstained. The high content of pure potash feldspar results in a light scattering effect comparable to natural teeth and a brilliant colour appearance; and simultaneously, the microfine leucite crystal structure improves mechanical strength.

Fascinating fluorescence: the Frame Shade NT bonding agent specifically developed for Creation ZI-CT guarantees a strong bond to the zirconium dioxide framework and provides a fluorescent effect. The modular concept of the Creation ZI-CT product range enables the fabrication of veneers on zirconium dioxide with impressive colour and shape stability as well as brilliant light reflection and dynamics.


High fusing, highly aesthetic, highly stable: Creation ZI-CT


  • Natural colour effect and light dynamics due to feldspar and leucite crystals
  • Low rate of shrinkage for less corrective firing and greater efficiency
  • High flexural strength due to homogeneous crystal structure
Fechmi Housein, MDT