Creation Willi Geller – Simply BRILLIANT

Ceramic - the stuff that dental dreams are made of. And we know something about that. For more than 35 years, the name Creation has stood for high-quality and aesthetically superior dental ceramics - whether for anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges or implants.Our ceramic lines are extremely reliable in their handling, expressive in their colour effects and brilliant in their results. Long-lasting dental aesthetics? With Creation it is not a matter of chance, but a constant reality. This is because the long-term behaviour and firing and dimensional stability of our metal-ceramic materials are exceptional.

Dental dreams actually become reality with Creation Willi Geller

So close to the original – even superior to Nature

It was the natural refraction of light and the iridescent play of colours that fascinated me and that I wanted to imitate", explains Willi Geller. With a thirst for knowledge, the dental technician studied the secrets of natural teeth layer by layer. He discussed with dentists the light and shade effects in the mouth, ran through different framework constructions and layering techniques and with chemists he investigated colour stability, hardness and the resilience of ceramic materials.

Aesthetic dentistry with a brilliant personality

The pioneer of aesthetic dentistry delved ever deeper into the subject matter and his observations and studies were fruitful: as a result of using extremely pure materials and a special production method, the new ceramic was the first to absorb all the colours of the spectrum and reflect them wonderfully. They gave off a lively opalescence and thus provided unlimited colour matching to the natural teeth. "Knowing about materials and the anatomy of the human body, combined with the dexterity and creativity of our own hands, makes every one of us into an artist", says Willi Geller. "Ceramic is primarily a category in aesthetic work, but if - on closer examination - it inspires us artistically, that becomes a personal statement."

Creation Willi Geller – the prerequisite for aesthetic dentistry.